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11-21-2013, 03:02 PM
I am sure there must be daily postings of this sort, but I am also sure that the instructions are individualized to each set of components, so:
I am new here, and yes, I need some help to hook up my system.
Nothing is brand new, although the DVD and TV have HDMI. the amp does not.
Here is a list of what I have, and I can also supply photos of the back end of each component:
Sony 40 inch TV KDL 40EX500, (has hdmi, and digital optical ports, as well as the usual component and RCA jack plugs (Red, Blue Green, and red white yellow). It does NOT have wifi or a cat 5 port (ethernet).
Denon AVR 1506, Amp/Receiver
Sony DVP n9710H (both Dolby and DTS).
For some reason, although I have gone from the dvd to the tv with an hdmi cable, and from the dvd to the amp with red/white/yellow I am not getting full surround. I get stereo, like a boss, but the surround and center isn't working. I wondered about running a digital optical from the TV to the amp.
Any help out there? Thanks.
Hank in Texas.

11-21-2013, 04:47 PM
Hank, On the Crutchfield site, there is a link to Setting Up Your Receiver.

From that page is this:

Setting up your home theater receiver (
Denon AVR-1506 Home theater receiver at (

When to use optical or coaxial digital audio

Not only can optical and coaxial digital audio connections carry multichannel audio for surround sound, they can also provide crisper, more detailed stereo sound than an analog connection. These are especially good options when connecting video components that don't support HDMI but do offer digital surround sound.

If you're a careful listener, you may want to experiment with different cables. Some audiophiles report getting better sound quality for two-channel music playback via a coaxial digital cable, even when the source component they're using offers the option of an optical digital or HDMI connection.

Components that may offer digital audio connections include:

DVD players
cable and satellite TV receivers
some HD Radio tuners
some satellite radio tuners
gaming systems (usually via a proprietary adapter cable)

When to use stereo RCA
RCA%20connectorsStereo RCA connectors

Stereo RCA connections can be found on just about every audio component.
With older gear, this may be your only audio connection option. However, as discussed above,
we recommend making a digital audio connection if you can.

Components that may offer only stereo RCA audio include:

cassette decks
some CD players
some HD Radio tuners
older gaming systems (usually via a proprietary adapter cable)

Mr Peabody
11-21-2013, 08:50 PM
Good info Hyfi.

I would recommend going digital audio from the DVD to the receiver, then run your HDMI to the TV for viewing when you don't want the receiver on. Some digital outputs on TV's will only pass stereo and not 5.1 or better.