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10-07-2013, 06:48 PM
Greetings. I just joined this forum.

I'm really confused what to do. I have a nice yamaha rxv575 and now i'm trying to get the best speakers. I'm not an audiophile but I like my music's detail, and 3d movies, games.

I purchased the HKTS60 package which isn't available in Canadian stores, and now i'm kicking myself since I recently read about the Klipsch RF-82 line of speakers! now obsessed.
I wish I hadn't purchased the HKTS60 5.1 because it cost me $1k, i like harmon kardon, its reviews were great and i wanted a surround package for my 12" x 12"x 8' room. the hkts60 has some nice technology the speakers are 11inches high, comes with a 200w subwoofer.

Now I don't know what to do. Should I just return the hkts60 because i haven't even opened the box lol

I found RF-82 1st gen,for $650 pair.

I just want the best sound for music and movies...

are the 2x RF-82 good enough for me to return the HKTS60 5.1 system?

I was thinking to keep the hkts60 use its front 2 satellites as side speakers(7.1 setup), and get rf-82s for the two fronts. my receiver has total 805w output and supports 7.1 configuration.

What do you audiophiles think? will this be an overkill for my room?.


10-07-2013, 08:09 PM
I've never been a fan of HTIB. They always seem to be compromises. For $1000 you can do better. I am a Klipsch fan, but very few of their speaker systems can be considered "audiophile" quality. I actually prefer their older lines.

I like to buy entry level good quality surround systems. I have several I would recommend, but all are older which I bought used. If you want new, I've only read about them, so can't recommend without hearing them.

The systems I have include one frm B&W, Emotiva, Scandyna, NHT New Wave and Klipsch Kg. The B&W system includes four LM1s, one VM1, sub. The Emotiva system three ERM-1, two ERD-1, sub. The Scandyna system has five mini pods, sub. The NHT system includes five Sat 24s and a sub. I can also recommend two Klipsch systems. The first includes two B2s, C-2 center, RS3 surrounds, sub. The second includes four Kg2, KV3 center, sub. The subs I have are (1) Audio Concepts Saturn, (2) Klipsch SW10, (3) Klipsch SW8, and for my main system I use the bottom portion of my Legacy Focus' three 12" woofers in bi-amp configuration.

The Klipsch systems sound full, the speakers are very efficient, imaging is very good. the third/fourth systems are pretty equal. Third is the Scandyna (B&W) Minipod system. Good tonal balance, good highs, unique look. Fourth is a B&W LM1/VM1 system. It has good overall sound, integrated mounting bases, very clear and articulated. Lighter tonal balance than the Klipsch'. The NHT system has small satellites, but sound larger, the least obstrusive system. Probably a little better than the HK system you purchased.

All speakers are still available used on eBay, or on Craigslist. You may have to shop a bit for the best prices. The Klipsch systems are easier to find. You would be very happy with either a B2, or Kg system. For a step up, look for Kg4 mains, KV3 center and Kg2 side/rears. I!ve never paid more than $150 for any of the speaker pairs and much less for sum. Take your time, enjoy the search, learn about them before buying. Good Luck.

10-08-2013, 07:06 AM
Living in Canada, consider PSB speakers. PSB Alpha B1's or B4's for the rears and B6's for the fronts.