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08-29-2013, 08:40 AM
"Elysium" - C-Minus - What a load of cobblers. Two dimensional is two great a compliment to give this drivel. "Rich Bad", "Poor Good", Frankenstein could've written a more original screen play. With the rich having litterally abandoned the halt and the lame to a desicated Mother Earth, THIS was the best they could come up with? Jody Foster musta really needed a paycheck after "The Beaver" because this shrill, one note, Cruela DeVille imitation was/is beneath her. Save your money, save your time.

08-29-2013, 06:00 PM
Thanks for the heads up, Worf. I'm going to try to catch Blue Jasmine. It opens at an art house theater not too far away tomorrow and is playing at one multiplex in the area. Not much else interests me. Things should pick up now that the mindless summer flicks are winding down.

08-30-2013, 05:36 AM
Elysium does have a strong, depressing, "District 9" feel but, considering the director and Sharlto Copely, what do you expect. Can you say "chewing the scenery", kiddies?

And, it is a very cheap, transparant, not at all subtle allegory for universal health care. I'm kinda disappointed that Matt Damon took this one on.

Great visualization of a destroyed, neglected, decayed city/ghetto, though.

Agenda 21, anyone?