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08-10-2013, 05:16 PM
Yesterday I switched from Comcast Cable TV to Direct TV. The reason was cost and the fact that I wanted to hook up 2 more HD TV's. Direct TV has the new Genie and 2 free satellite HD DVR boxes for free. Comcast wanted another $34 per month for the additional HD DVR's. Comcast would have cost me about $180 per month vs $86 with Direct TV.

Comparing the 2 services, I have found that the sound quality of Direct TV is much better than comcast but the HD picture quality of Direct TV leaves much to be desired. HD pictures on comcast are crisper with more detail. My son and I noticed it right away. I am very disappointed with Direct TV but I have no choice but to go with them.

In addition, I was lied to by the gutter slime Direct TV salesman. He told me that their HD is 1080p. Only the Pay per view channels are 1080p, the rest are 1080i or you can change it to 720p which seems to be slightly better than 1080i.

Has any one else switched from cable to Direct TV and found similar results?