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08-08-2013, 06:54 PM

LG 55-inch 55EA9800 curved OLED TV is hitting the Bestbuy stores one by one at hefty cost of $14k.

LG 55" Class 5458" Diag. OLED 1080p Smart 3D HDTV 55EA9800 - Best Buy (

Although it has not been tested thru its nuts and bolts, Televisioninfo editor got a chance to take a closer look at this TV. Here are some highlights:

First and foremost it is a curve screen which mean the image is preserved almost perfectly as far as 90 degrees off-center. Also due to nature of OLED, it is extremley thin.

The clear TV stand houses 8 speakers with a total 40-watt sound output. The speakers are stacked and clear so they melt like ghosts into the design.

The most impressive thing about this TV is scenes rich with dark or black content. OLED tech allows pixel cells to be turned off and on individually, like a plasma TV. This means that black is truly black, which really makes things pop.

Next is contrast ratio. Contrast ratio is determined when dividing a TV's peak brightness by its minimum luminance level, and it's a very telling number as to how immersive a TV will look. Using the industry standard checkerboard pattern, the result is the largest contrast ratio we've ever tested: 32,000:1.

And the black level is very impressive.This kind of contrast efficacy has traditionally only been possible on plasma televisions.

LG's curved OLED is capable of a few different color gamuts. While it can display the traditional color gamut quite easily, it's also capable of a wider color gamut, about 20% more saturation than TVs have previously claimed. This means colors closer to some of the super-vibrant hues you see in real life.

Truly spellbinding picture quality is on the way; colors from real life can now be employed to make TV, movies, and video games look absolutely spectacular. Real black levels, side-by-side with luminous light output, add so much realistic depth as to almost render 3D a thing of the past.

LG 55EA9800 Preview - (