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07-20-2013, 06:17 PM
First I want to say that I know everyone hears with different, lets say "resolution". That's to say the differences you hear, I might not and vice versa. I also realize that as we progress in our quest for better sound what we are left with is wanting more realism, which is subtle but very important to us that care, and a lot of people cannot hear the difference. Not knocking anyone as it is actually easier for those that do not hear differences and a lot cheaper because you don't need to upgrade! I know this as my father could listen to a cheap portable radio all day that was just off station. When I walked by, I would always tune in the radio as it drove me nuts! It sounded better except that it was still a cheap radio. :) I was a naysayer on power cables. I can hear differences in interconnects and speaker wire but all the power cable does is get the power from the wall to the component, right!!??? I bought a power conditioner and was surprised in the difference. Mr P said he noticed a difference when he got a power conditioner, but the biggest difference he heard was when he bought a quality power cord. I know my ears are sensitive like Mr P so I ordered three different PS Audio power cables from Music Direct, all half price at the time. I ordered the Jewel in one Meter and the AC-3 and AC-5 in half meter lengths. The power outlets are right behind my components so the half meter lengths would work. I was not totally convinced the cables would make a difference so I went to the bottom three knowing Music Direct would take them back if I wasn't satisfied. (I'm also cheap) The first thing I did was remove the factory cables from Conditioner, Pre and CD player in my main system and put all three cables in my system (Amp is old 80's Onkyo Integra M-588 and has an attached cord. Gonna have to fix that now). I did not need to do A-B testing as it was obviously improved, to my surprise. Just to check what I was hearing with my 57 year old ears, I had my 36 year old son listen with me changing out the factory and jewel on a cd player in my office system without him knowing which was which. At first he thought the "B" (factory) cable was better and after a few more switches he finally realized Seal's voice sounded clearer, the bass was less boomy and the overall sound was improved with the "A" (Jewel) cable. As I went up to the AC3 & AC5, each cable was noticeably more "real" sounding to the point I wonder what the AC-10 and AC-12 sound like. The cables made such a difference I think anyone wanting to upgrade a component should upgrade the cable first, which can be used on any further purchases they make, and they might not want to upgrade with the cable being less costly than the upgrade. I can say at half price ($35) the Jewel is an obvious inexpensive upgrade for any component and I am going to buy four, two with IEC-15 for receiver and DVD, and two with C-7 ends for the Playstation 3 and Samsung LED TV in my living room H/T. I believe it will make a great difference without breaking the bank. That system is not as important to me but know I would enjoy the improved sound and believe now it will probably improve picture quality. For my main system I am thinking all AC-5's. I'm a believer now!!

07-20-2013, 06:47 PM
Our ears are the same age. I have owned a PS Audio power cord before and liked it. The aspect that brought the best sound in my system was the ability to unscrew the ground plug. In my apartment with the electronics I was using became quieter without the ground in the circuit. For much the same reason people use cheater plugs and do not attach the wire to ground.

Now that I have the Krell S-300i I have been remiss in trying a power cord. The instructions with the unit stated that the enclosed power cord is all you need and what they recommend. It seems to be a nicely made cord and your post has created interest in trying a PS Audio power cord again.