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07-16-2013, 08:35 PM
The adult animated show Family Guy is probaby way past its prime time, but during its run it have managed to showcase few funny scenes and quotes.

These are just a few from top of my head:

Peter and Lois wanting to have a new baby, so they try to have sex anytime they get a chance. Stewie try to prevent them from having sex any way he can as he wanted to be the only baby in the family.
One night Stewie saw Peter and Lois sneaking into room to have sex, and he said to himself:"God, all this work keeping people from having sex, now I know how the Catholic church feels!"

In another scene Peter got very patriotic and was wearing a suit resembling american flag. Stewie took one look at Peter and told him that he look like Statue of Liberty's pimp :D

Doing a Star Wars imitation, the crew of Death Star were looking at blue print discussing the vulnerability of space station with Darth Vader (Stewie) in case of rebel attack.
They pointed to nuclear vent hole that is six feet cross that can be torpedoed. So Darth Vador said that why can't we just put a card board or something on it to cover it up.