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04-21-2004, 12:07 PM
Check this out:

This is fantastic. I'm pleased with their Number 1 pick, but I thought that "We Didn't Start the Fire" and "Courtesy of the Red, White & Blue" should have been a bit higher on the list. And of course there are some songs on their list that I like, but I won't say which ones!

04-22-2004, 06:19 AM
Well, it's hard to say if it's the worst song ever (there's a lot of strong competition there), but "We Built This City" is certainly a worthy choice. Seems like they got a lot of clunkers.

Mr MidFi
04-22-2004, 08:31 AM
I saw this yesterday on and almost posted it here myself. I've said it before and I'll say it again: "All Out of Love" by Air Supply is the worst song of all time, by a very wide margin. "Hey Mickey" by Toni Basel is a distant second. "Seasons in the Sun," the bathetic 70s pop hit, gets an honorable mention.

That said, "They Built This City" is one ****ty ditty.

04-22-2004, 10:38 AM
I can't really argue with some of there choices. I'd add a few though like Tittiany's "Oops I id or said it again" or whatever the hell that song was. I'd hope there space there for her and "The Right Stuff" by the New Kids on the Block... I say "you light of my life" belongs at or near the top. Wheew.... I better stop, I'm getting sick.

Da Worfster :o :rolleyes:

04-26-2004, 11:06 AM
I like a lot of the songs on that list. I think "We Built This City" is a great tune. It's unfortunate that a once-great band like Jefferson Airplaine is who sang it, but I still think it's a good tune.

"My Heart Will Go On" is the only celene dion tune that I like. In fact, I think it's a great tune that just had the misfortune of being grossly overexposed thanks to the popularity of that movie.

"We Didn't Start The Fire" is a great tune too. How often do you get a history lesson when listing to pop music?

"Achy Breaky Heart" is hokey as hell, but it's actually the song that got me into country music.

"Courtesy of the Red White And Blue" is a great song. It's patriotic and can really get you pumped up.

I guess I listen to music for the entertainment value and not for its cultural significance. :p