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06-19-2013, 06:13 PM
I got their flyer in the mail about the pre-pay internet plans, so assuming it is offered nation wide.

Here is how it works: The consumer will buy their set up modem with all the accessories for $70 which also include first month of free service. The speed will be 3 mbps.

After the first month, the consumer will have two choices of pre-pay plan. $15 for 7 day service, or $45 for 30 day internet service. You pay as you go and you can skip a month of service without any penalties. And refill any time you need it.

As compared with AT&T internet service, Comcast price is slightly higher as AT&T charges $39 for 3 MB internet service, and $49 for 6 MB of speed. But Comcast require no contracts as it is pre-pay plan, and no credit check.

Here is more info:

Xfinity Prepaid Services (