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06-18-2013, 06:36 PM
As you know, the original Cape Feam film came out in 1962 with Gregory Peck and Robert Mitchum. Martin Scorsese did remake of same film with same title in 1991 with Robert De Niro and Nick Nolte.

After watching the Scorsese version with Deniro as the stalker on DVD, must say that I was not too impressed with this version. The movie is too dark and charactors are too one dimensional to be enjoyable.

The original Cape Fear with Robert Mitchum as the stalker IMO is superiour as compare with its remake. Where in the original the Gregory Peck's family that being stalked are united, in the remake they are disfunctional family that argue all the time. And it makes such a dark film even go more noir.

Robert Deniro put in a respectable performance who wants revenge from his lawyer (Nick Nolte) for put him in prison. But his charactor is so hard hitting and annoying that after a while it gets too old quick.

Sorry Scorsese, but film get three stars out of five :)