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05-22-2013, 03:23 PM
Hi guys, After getting back into 2-chl w/ not being all that inpressed w/ H/T I do have a few questions. I'm right now in the ownership of multiple sets of speeks.I had a pair of resurrected Bose 601s that I nursed back to life w/refoaming and redoing the cabinets after they looked like so many pieces of driftwood then sold them after a year. My 1st pair are Infinity SM112s which are called frat house party speakers of by my friends at thePolk site. Also have a set of ADC 303AX ,very AR2 east coast sounding and are keepers.The final set for 2 chl work are DMC TF 350s which for right now are my go to speakers because of wide soundstage clarity small footprint and frankly they sound great.( My friend has TW 7s an heirloom type never to be found speaker.) For the longest time I have had a hard on for 2 brands and have only heard 1 1st up Vandersteen 2ce sigs walnut tops and sounded fantastic.The only other speaker that interests me are the Ohm/WALSH 2XOs. If it were you which way would you guys go .We are only talking used here. H/T are covered by Klipsch h/d #500 set.Now finding out TFs go all the way up to 700s and even a 1000 model if yyou can find it would climbing that ladder make any sense either.Sorry for such an extended 1st post........

05-22-2013, 05:12 PM
Without having the chance to formally audition each of those speakers with your particular gear I'd go with the Ohm's although I have never heard the ADC's before and they look interesting. Not a Vandersteen or Klipsch fan and the bigger models in the SM lineup are great for volume however the 112's are 'tweeners and too small for what the SM's do best. The Timeframes eh...while i agree with your statement about the sound stage they just leave me unsatisfied. Best bet is to sit down in your listening room and analyze each pair yourself. Should be a fun process.