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Michael Sebar
05-21-2013, 06:42 AM
I have a room 25 long and 20 wide. Here is what I put together in the last week of research. Please give me your input good or bad. I only have room for bookshelfs and about a $2500 budget which Iam over by a bit now
Thanks Mike

Yamaha RX-A1020
Klipsch SW-112 Subwoofer
Definitive Technology Mythos Seven 7 Center
4 Definitive Technology StudioMonitor 55

05-21-2013, 07:58 AM
You have a lot of options on your Budget. Have you been able to listen to your speakers? If you have and like them then get them. If you want to save some money consider this Onkyo receiver- Onkyo TX-NR717 7.2-channel home theater receiver, Internet-ready, THX® certified at (

There are also better subs or at least comparable subs for a little less money

VTF-1 MK2 Subwoofer (

VTF-2 MK4 Subwoofer (

SB-1000 - SVS (

PB-1000 - SVS (

You might want to consider going with the DT 45's for the rear channels and the 55's for the front as they will be the workhorse speakers along with the front's.

Other options for speakers are PSB B-6's for the front, PSB B-4's of the rear and a PSB C5 center and one of the above subs- Check out the B-stock PSB speakers here-
Saturday Audio (

I own a pair of the B-stock B6's and they are a great sounding speaker, detailed, great bass for a bookshelf and they play loud without breaking up. They have a slightly warmer sound, image well and have a very smooth midrange and non fatiguing treble.

For about $1K for the speakers, another $5-600 for a sub like the HSU VTF2 MK4 (which would be a good choice for your size room), that would leave you with about $1K for a Receiver.

05-21-2013, 04:19 PM
Hi Michael. Here is my recommendation for a speaker system. I am unable to suggest a H.T. receiver as I don't follow that line of electronics to make a solid recommendation.

S30 Bookshelf Hi Fi Speakers (
S50 Centre Speaker for Home Cinema (
Velodyne VX-11 10 inch Subwoofer (

The Velodyne website currently lists the VX-11 @ 259.00
A.A. currently lists the S-30 @ 219.00/pr
A.A. currently lists the S-50 @ 199.00/ea

With the recommended system you are way under budget and still
have $$ left over for some quality power cords, interconnects, and
speaker cable if you want to. Check out the reviews for each.

Good luck with your research and final selection.

Michael Sebar
05-22-2013, 07:58 AM
With all the suggestion how do I select without hearing them. I live in South Florida and the store out here are lame. Best-buy, Brands-mart all have issues with their audio rooms. I thought I was lucky to have a Sound Advice near me but wrong again. They only had 3 types that are bookshelf. Does anyone have any suggestions I don't want to buy blind as the ear is the final decision.

05-22-2013, 08:07 AM
Does your Best Buy have a Magnolia store? If so, then it should carry B&W speakers. Give a listen to the 686's, which should be in your budget.

You can buy PSB speakers from audioadvisor which has free shipping and a 30 day trial period Bookshelf/Monitor Speakers-Audio Advisor (

Although it does not look like they have the C5 center speaker. They have the C4 but call them and ask if they can get it.

Check out the Wharfedale speakers here at music Direct. Excellent speakers at a huge discount. I believe they have a 30 day money back policy as well-

Speakers at Music Direct (

I would consider a pair of Diamond 10.2's for the front, 10's for the rear and the 10 CS or 10 CM for the center channel.

Other speakers to consider that may be in your area are Paradigms, NHT, Energy

05-22-2013, 08:32 AM
Michael, I answered this in greater depth on your same thread on Audioholics. Sometimes you either have to take a leap of faith or live within the confines of your closed in little world.

05-22-2013, 10:50 AM
Michael, the speakers that I listed are all excellent at their price point and they are all well reviewed and respected.

Here are some reviews-

PSB Image B6 loudspeaker | (

6moons audio reviews: PSB B6 (

Wharfedale Diamond 10 Series 5.1 Speaker System Reviewed (

Pair either of these speakers with the HSU VTF-2 MK4 or the VTF-3 sub and you will have a very nice system for HT and Music.

05-22-2013, 06:14 PM
Does anyone have any suggestions I don't want to buy blind as the ear is the final decision.

Well, if your ear is the going to be the final decision then you need to go audio shopping in person since you won't be able to hear the suggestions being offered to you by those trying to help you here.