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05-01-2013, 05:48 PM
I've wired speakers into 3 areas of my home A is 2front/2rear and SW
B is left/right, C is left/right.

I'm looking for links/faqs/primers that help guide me to a "receiver" that has the usual sources and outputs. General searches and looking at equipment (eg NAD T187) are bewildering for all the features.

and the obsolete convenience of a turntable input. I've noticed that what receivers I've seen no longer have turntable inputs (like my ancient & somewhat cheap "stereo"). Is a pre-amp required for TTs these days? What input would you connect to on a modern receiver for that analog (TT or heck, even cassette) source?

and the newfangled convenicnces of taking a wi-fi signal,
i-device input, xm/sat signal. Yes HDTV/bluray/dvr too.

and what I suspect is the hardest part: having audio at A or B or C or A&B or A&C or A&B&C.

Again any links or pointers are appreciated and if you know of a unit that can do the above for an absolute maxium of $3000 (and preferably well below $2000) please pass it on.

thanks, Bryan