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03-28-2013, 10:08 AM
Hobbit-Argo-Lincoln-Les Mis-Life of Pi-Django

Had a chance to see all of these films over the last couple weeks and the Real Winner Is.........

Django Unchained by a long shot! I like westerns so this was right up my alley. From the first opening scene to the closing shot, I was totally captivated and had no idea that 2:25 had gone by. Obviously the Dentist stole the whole show from that opening scene while Jamie, Leonardo, and others played their own parts quite well. Being a Tarontino movie, one just has to ignore the over embelished blood splatter that in real life is impossible to replicate.
I loved this movie and felt it was the best of this list and as usual, I do not agree with the awards.

The Hobbit - I enjoyed this one and have watched it thru twice already. Similar to LOTRs, the scenery and effects are great. But, they strayed so far from the actual book in places it was mind boggling. I am currently re-reading the Hobbit for the umpteenth time and cannot understand why they changed the actual events in the movie when there was absolutely no reason to and if kept closer to the book would have made for a few better scenes. Looking forward to the rest of the installments and then to buy the set in Blu in a few years.

Argo - I really did not know the whole story behind this movie so the events were quite interesting. I was surprised that so much attention was placed on 6 people while 59 others were taken hostage. This movie jumped around too much and showed scenes with no intro or completion as to what actually happened and why. One scene they show the 6 people get into a hideout thru the floor, but then never showed why or the house getting searched. Another scen shows the military take someone into the alley and shoot him, which had nothing to do with the story except just to prove the point that there were merciless animals. This film in no way was close to the best but I guess because everyone hates torrorists, it won out.

Lincoln - I had heard it was all polotics but not what the overall story was. The whole movie was a birdseye view into how Lincoln got the 13th Ammendment passed. What it showed, was that even back then poloticians would Lie, Cheat, Steal, and pay people off for votes. So business as usual just like today. That said, I still agree it was the right thing to do to get rin of slavery. Overall a very good movie and as long as it was, I did not lose interest.

Les Mis - I never saw the play and had no idea what the story was. Luckily we had people with us that knew what was going on. I don't mind a musical where there is dialog and some singing, but the singing of every word does nothing for me. Speacially when half of them can't really sing all that well. Russel Crow was NOT the right person for that role and while everyone else in the movie aged, he looked the same from start to end. At times, there were 4 people singing something completely different so you had no idea what any of them were singing. By the end, I knew what was going on and it all started to get a bit predictable. I may watch it again now that I know the story but this one was no big deal for me. Also, it did not look like a movie, it looked like a film of a play.

Life of Pi - This one comes in second or tie with the Hobbit for me. The visuals were awesome and the spiritual parts of the movie were great. I have watched this one twice so far and will surely watch it again. The first time thru, you are trying to catch all the visuals and can easily lose track of the meaning. Second time thru allows you to focus on the message and enjoy the visuals. Highly recommended for sure and should have beat out Argo for best film.

03-28-2013, 01:38 PM
Thanks, Hyfi!

Mr Peabody
03-28-2013, 04:16 PM
I am behind on movies but will check a couple of those out based on what you say. I did see Hobbit and agree it was a lot like the first LOTR. IMO not sure why it was so long, sort of took forever to get going, but I've only seen it once and it was late.