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03-26-2013, 07:06 PM
Marlon Brando is probably as serious actor as they come in such a films as Godfather or On The water Front. But he did a comedy film in 1956 called The Teahouse of the August Moon which he is simply hilarious.

Was lucky to get my hand on this DVD which is out of print in which Brando play a Japanese translator named Sakini trying to help American build a school in his war torn Japanese's village after WWII. Glenn Ford play the American in charge of rebuilding and any time he tell Sakini to translate his ideas to villagers, Sakini (Brando) put his own twist when translating to Japanese.

After much mishaps and language misunderstanding, the American end up building a tea ghouse instead of school for the villagers, complete with geisha girls and fountains.

Highly recommended :)