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03-13-2013, 01:36 PM
I started watching this show from the first episode. I have to say I enjoyed the first season. It touched on some taboo subjects, was witty and fun. The second season takes us down the rabbit-hole. It's much darker, dirtier/grittier, etc. A couple of episodes have left me scratching my head wondering whether I want to see certain sides of these characters.

Lena Dunham is and will be a force to be reckoned with. I tried to describe her several times but gave up because my descriptions could be read as sexist. She reminds me of girls I've known (some of whom I didn't necessarily like). Although the show is pretty much from a female perspective, she's written some strong male characters, especially Adam whose name I believe is symbolic of the main character's first in-depth relationship, i.e., he's her first man.

Speaking of names - all the main female characters' names use alliteration. Adam's last name is an anagram for "slacker". I applaud the effort and I hope her next project goes even deeper with symbolism and other quirks. She could create the next Twin Peaks or Lost from a unique, perhaps "new feminist", perspective whatever that means, or she could just continue with solid development of unique characters.

"Girls" isn't for everybody. I probably wouldn't have watched it on my own, but my wife was interested so we started watching it together. We picked up Dunham's first feature film "Tiny Furniture" which is in line for a movie night.