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03-07-2013, 12:05 PM
I got a call from my Mom about a week ago saying the 55" CRT 1080P Mits had the dreaded blinking green power light. As true to the reports I read online, they had a power outage due to high winds and when power resumed pop went the TV even plugged into a power strip. So off to Costco with my Dad. We walked in and saw the big 70 inchers out front while I was explaining the newer advances in Flat screens. He wanted to stay in the 40"-50" range so it would fit right in place where the old set was. I recommend the Samsungs or Pannys and he settle on the Samsung PN51E530 Plasma, I give a brief class on LCD's vs Plasma and we both knew this is more of a furiture buy than actually something that will get much use, as they mainly watch TV in the bedroom. This month is my Dad birthday so I went out and picked up a Samsung BD EM59C player to make it a complete match, as all of their gear is so old it could not be connected to the new TV. Out of the box the TV look ok, I did a few adjustments, but will need to bring my Joe Kane disk over to do some real start point adjustments. I was more impress with the BD player (very light and small) It is one of those wifi types and hooking it up was a snap (came with HDMI cable) and found the home network with no issues. Updated the firmware right away and installed all the basic widgets/apps. My parents are in their 80's so I show them how this player can be used with their computers in the house (they don't have smart phone, Dad still has a clam shell type). I showed them how to use the youtube app and the allshare (I'm sure I will get a phone call, stating "How do you get that tube thing to work again") It never gets old and if thats all I need to do to say thank you for all the help and advise over the years, call me anytime.

03-09-2013, 08:16 AM
That's fantastic recoveryone. I did the same thing for my father a few months ago. Got him a 60" Samsung plasma for his basement and he has been glued to the thing ever since.