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02-12-2013, 09:32 AM
I am purchasing Sansui's first and I think only tube tuner ever made. It is a vintage 1964 TU-70. It is in working condition, with 14 tubes in all that test like new. It needs the dial restrung and will need some caps replaced. Here are some pictures of an ST-70-

Just acquired this Sansui TU-70 tuner in near mint condition... - Home Audio Stereo Discussion Forums (

I also have a vintage 1964 Eico ST-97 tuner that I had refurbished but unfortunately some one broke the ferrites in the stereo MPX adapter so I will have to have it coverted to mono or buy an out board Multiplex adapter, either tube which is my preference or a PLL IC chip board. It's too bad because the thing pulls in stations like a beast.

Does any one have an old FM stereo MPX adapter they want to sell?