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02-06-2013, 03:07 PM
use it.

I've only been treated disrespectfully by one member here at PE and since the last update/upgrade I've been able to place him on "ignore". Problem is, it doesn't work when so many of you quote the guy. Ever watch football? Its always the second guy who throws a punch that gets the flag.

You're never going to get the guy banned or suspended
You're not even going to get the guy a public admonishment by anyone that matters
You're only going to get yourselves suspended or banned by taking pokes at him (dude gots pics of mods with farm animals or something)

Only you can make anyone that important. Don't let people rent space in your head, make them disappear instead. Here at AR, that is made easy with the ignore function. Otherwise its always going to turn into a pot/kettle/black thing.

I do wish the software was able to hide quotations of the people (person) whom members are officially ignoring.

02-06-2013, 03:29 PM
Yes the ignore fuction is a good tool. Another good tool is if you do not like someone do not contribute to their thread. As a mod I try to read as much as I can in my spare time. Since I am also a member there are some whose posts I will never contribute to unless moderation is needed. As humans we like some more than others.

You are right one member is not able to get another banned. We see some of the baiting that happens to try and make it happen. Only the member can get themselves banned.

I hear that some liked this site more when there was no moderation. Some think it is too heavily moderated and others think more moderation is needed. It is impossible to please everyone.

Oh and in case anyone is wondering I have never slept outside my species. Hell I have not slept outside my gender.

02-08-2013, 02:39 PM
Thank your stars you're not that way
Turn your back and walk away
Don't even pause and ask them why
Turn around and say goodbye

next time, tell a guy where you moved his post, woudja?

02-08-2013, 04:00 PM
Usually the system leaves a redirect when a thread is moved.