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01-04-2013, 05:19 PM
I entered the SVS subwoofer review contest and they didn't choose me! What were they thinking? Maybe it was because I said that I would be doing a side-by-side shootout with my Outlaw LFM-1. Or maybe it was the fact that I mentioned that I was a long-time member of the Audio Review forums...after all, not everybody loves us as much as we love ourselves. Or perhaps my writing/reviewing style did not meet their standards...hardly likely, but I have to consider all the possibilities. In any case, the notification period has come and gone without the Golden Ticket being sent my way. Too bad...I think that I could have written an impartial and enlightened Ode to a Subwoofer and perhaps have had a shot at winning a free one. Those folks just don't know what they missed out on!