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12-12-2012, 08:16 PM
In every movies they made although they are broke, they're always looking for a hit to get high. Cheech can handle his high, but Chong can't.

Their first film Up In Smoke is regarded by many as their best. But I find it slightly disjointed as it moves from one comical sketch to another that is not as funny. So will go with Nice Dream as their best, as it is their highest budget film with Stacy Keith and PeeWee Herman.

Ranked by release date:

Up in Smoke (1978): Cheech and Chong's first feature-length film,they unknowingly smuggle a van - made entirely of marijuana - from Mexico to L.A., with incompetent Sgt. Stedenko on theitrail.

Cheech & Chong's Next Movie (1980): Cheech must deal with losing his job, and his angry neighbor. Meanwhile Chong meets Cheech's cousin Red and the two hit it in Hollywood town.

Nice Dreams (1981): Cheech and Chong have a new business driving an ice cream truck selling "Happy Herb's Nice Dreams."

Things Are Tough All Over (1982): Cheech and Chong work briefly as car wash attendants before being hired to drive a car from Chicago to Las Vegas.

Still Smokin (1983): Cheech & Chong are invited to a celebrity party/festival in Amsterdam

Cheech & Chong's The Corsican Brothers (1984): Two brothers who can feel each others' pain and pleasure mess up the French revolution.