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12-09-2012, 10:35 AM
We have a sunroom at the back of our house which we use year round. Because we spend a lot of time in there reading on the weekends and entertaining friends, we need a stereo system in there, but nothing too powerful as it's not a huge room and we're usually just playing background music.

We had an old receiver and a couple of bookshelf speakers in there. I got tired of not having iPod playability. So yesterday I decided to move one of our iPod docks from another system to the sunroom system. When I lifted the CD player off of the receiver, it was HOT! Way too hot. Given the age of the receiver (and it has some broken buttons), it's not really worth considering fixing it. So we decided to go shopping for a new little all-in-one system.

About two years ago we were shopping for a system to keep on our kitchen counter and found this great little Yamaha system. But it was 12" deep and would take up too much counter space. I always kept this system in the back of my mind for future purchase. Yesterday, I went on-line to look at it and found it on sale! So off we went to have a listen.

After listening to several systems in-store we narrowed it down the the Yamaha, an Onkyo, and a JVC wood-cone speaker system. The Onkyo didn't have an iPod dock and the JCV, although my favourite of the three, was double the price. The little Yamaha won.

After setting it up in the room, I didn't really like the sounds I was getting. But then we got out the roll of speaker wire and separated the speakers by about 10 feet and it sounds amazingly good. I am so impressed by this little system. It doesn't look like much. The speakers are small (although the cases are 12" long). But wow! It's not an audiophile system, but we weren't looking for that. We just wanted something that sounded decent, that we could play some tunes on when we're reading a book or entertaining friends. It's a fantastic little system for that. I paid $300 after tax. It's got suprisingly good bass although it's missing some mid-range. I would highly recommend this system.

And we bought it in this really cool orange colour!


MCR-040 - HiFi Systems - Yamaha - Canada (http://ca.yamaha.com/en/products/audio-visual/hifi-systems/mcr-040__g/?mode=model)

12-09-2012, 10:49 AM
Nice little boom box, good luck and enjoy. The color is neat too.