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12-02-2012, 10:00 AM
Just watched this last night and WOW. Not only a great movie but the picture and sound are excellent 5 stars. Just one example the details in the suit the mayor wears is outstanding. With the audio you can hear lots of details in conversations in crowds.

A couple things I did notice, lots of smoking, the mayor was even smoking in the hospital, I know it was 1975 but it just seems a bit out of place, maybe because most of the cigs seem just lit so they are long and really stand out.

Also I noticed lots of discrepancies in different scenes in the last third of the movie with the conditions of the waves and weather. For example once scene it was overcast the next was blue sky, one scene the ocean was rough the next smooth not very consistent but of course it was actually filmed at sea so very hard to do.

So pick this one up and there are lots of special features which I have not yet started