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11-27-2012, 06:11 PM
...and this one is diametrically opposed ti the last one.

Remember Angus Jones, the chubby tyke who was so cute as he tried to act when the show started over eight years ago? Well, he's grown up to be a remarkably average looking young man whose acting skills don't seem to have improved one iota.

He seems to have found religion* and has come out against the show as "filth", says he wants off, and everybody should stop watching it. He should consider himself blessed he could ride the coat-tails of this show for as long as he has.

What's funny is that since Charlie Sheen's depature and the introduction of Ashton Kutcher, the focus has changed pretty much away from pure, raunchy filth to simply somewhat naughty and charmingly twisted.

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Let's hope the kid had some good agents who got him a decent cut of the residuals. I haven't seen him on anything else and his acting abilities seem akin to that of one of Alan's blow-up dolls. Somehow, I don't think we'll be seeing too much of him in the future.

* Please, don't use this as an excuse to trash religion.

11-27-2012, 06:37 PM
I don't know if the show is "trash" so much as it's just become total crap since Sheen's departure. I tried to watch it because Kutcher is pretty and I like to look at him, but even that wasn't enough to keep my interest very long.

I don't think the kid has anything to worry about as I suspect that only a handful of people are still watching anyway.

11-28-2012, 05:54 AM
Is this just a ploy to boost ratings? I always thought he was a natural for the part. I know many of my friends have teenage boys just like him.

I agree that when the show ends he will probably not act again. Oh and I hope he does not give all his money to the church. Average length of religious fervor is 6 months to 1 1/2 years. He may need that money for all his unemployed years.