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11-09-2012, 08:13 PM

Despite revenue that declined 88% last quarter from a year ago and content costs that jumped from $3.5 billion to $5 billion over the same span, Netflix's streaming is smoking up the internet pipe line.

Netflix captured 33% of prime-time web viewing based on internet traffic in September, eclipsing, Hulu and Time Warner's HBO Go by a multiple of at least 18, Sandvine Inc. said in its "Global Internet Phenomena Report" released Wednesday. Sandvine said the company should maintain at least a 10-fold lead over competitors through 2014.

Second-place Amazon, accounted for only 1.75% of streaming-video viewing in September, despite prying away some of Netflix's content through a new deal with the Epix movie channel. While Hulu and Hulu Plus streaming market is only 1.38%, good enough for third place. And HBO Go lags behind at 0.52% streaming share.

The Sandvine found that U.S. households have more than doubled their monthly phone and cable Internet use in the past year. Respondents are watching 81 hours of streaming video a month, and Netflix takes up the biggest chunk of that time.

Netflix's secret strength? Prime-time viewing- MSN Money (