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Finch Platte
10-23-2012, 11:06 AM
Kamelot have unleashed a promo video for their track Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife). View it below.

The song is taken from their tenth studio album, Silverthorn, which is released on October 30. Itís the first to feature new lead vocalist Tommy Karevic, who joined the band in June.

Founder Thomas Youngblood recently said of Karevic: ďFirst and foremost, we wanted a guy with a great voice, which he has. Itís a superb voice and itís unique. Second, the fact that he can write is a great asset to have.

ďI always want the vocalist to write the melodies, and the lyrics if possible, because they can convey the message better. We were really fortunate to find someone with all of those aspects in their toolbox.Ē


01. Manus Dei
02. Sacrimony (Angel Of Afterlife)
03. Ashes To Ashes
04. Torn
05. Song For Jolee
06. Veritas
07. My Confession
08. Silverthorn
09. Falling Like The Fahrenheit
10. Solitaire
11. Prodigal Son
Part I: Funerale
Part II: Burden Of Guilt (The Branding)
Part III: The Journey
12. Continuum

Video: Kamelot Unleash Sacrimony | Video | Prog Magazine (http://www.progrockmag.com/video/video-kamelot-unleash-sacrimony/)