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10-14-2012, 01:27 PM
The Super X is making life easier for my 3 way tri-amped OBs. I'm using the two way section for my Neo3 planar tweeters and Eminence Beta 12LTA. The bass woofers are powered and controled by the Dayton amps built in crossover. The Behringer even has a sub output but I doubt I'll ever use it. Getting passive crossovers out of one's system can make a huge audible improvement. The APC G5 filter/conditioner was a recent gift from my son-in-law. Dirty power is everywhere.

harley .guy07
10-16-2012, 09:31 AM
I have used pro sound stuff like the Behringer crossover you are using in system setup before in home use but most peoples systems do not need that stuff but I can see your point in your setup seeing that you are using several amps and different drivers. For years electronic crossovers have been used in car audio and pro audio with good results and I have been surprised by the lack of such in home audio since electroninc crossovers are not power robbing like passive ones are.

10-16-2012, 10:03 AM
I was getting good sound using just a simple first order cap to tame the top end but I find the electronic crossover is able to achieve a better blend. I was afraid the Behringer would add or take away from the sound quality but it's invisible.

One day I'd like to try the Marchand tube XM26 crossover.

XM26 Vacuum Tube Electronic Crossover Network (

harley .guy07
10-16-2012, 12:15 PM
yeah you take that chance when you hook up pro sound gear to a high end home system some times it will make the sound harsh or add hiss to the system do to the fact that pro sound gear generally does not have the s/n ratio of high end home stuff and it is more created for volume and sound reinforcement than quality low level listening but it sounds like the unit you have is not having that effect.

10-26-2012, 02:50 PM
I really need a 3 way active crossover and looking hard at two options. An analog dbx 234 vs the digital Behringer DCX2496 Ultradrive. The latter has entire forums dedicated to it's use in home hifi systems. It's sound shaping options are mind boggling.

Behringer: ULTRA-DRIVE PRO DCX2496 (

JoeE SP9
10-26-2012, 03:24 PM
I've been using a Behringer CX2310 Super X Pro crossover for about two years. I use it as a subwoofer crossover and I've been quite satisfied with it. I too would like to try the Marchand.

10-27-2012, 03:08 AM
I used the Behringer DCX2496 for a number of years with good results. It has everything you need for a Bi or Tri amp system. It also has an upgrade path if you want to improve it, mostly mods for the analog output. There's another mod that calls for replacing the power supply, clock, and input chip. Besides, it's fun to use and you can get free software for remote computer operation with it. Actually, using the software greatly reduces the learning curve. All you need is a RS232 cable to connect the unit to your computer. One thing to keep in mind is that you should use the digital input for the best quality.

Behringer: ULTRA-DRIVE PRO DCX2496 (

I'm somewhat of a minimalist and didn't care for all the gear and wires to make use of this unit so eventually I replaced it with a passive crossover. Caps made a big difference and I found that Mundorf Silver/Oil made a huge difference in the final sound. I think it sounds as good as the DCX active crossover. Well that's my opinion.

The one thing you need to know is that, unless it has changed, this unit will not except a multichannel input. The input has to be stereo so if you watch a movie you have to set your DVD player to 2-channel digital out or all you get is noise.

One word of advice...

Even if you used the unit for your tweeter you should seriously consider keeping a cap in the circuit for protection just in case something happened. I never had a problem, but I'm just saying...

Now that I'm thinking about it I might just hook it up again for the fun of it.

10-29-2012, 03:12 AM
The APC G5 filter/conditioner was a recent gift from my son-in-law. Dirty power is everywhere.

The G5 looks like a nice device, much better than a simple surge protector. I really like the sequenced turn on/off of your unit.

I use a PS Audio line conditioner and it gives a certain peace of mind to know knowing it's there. In my area, the PSA shows about 9% distortion average and reduces it by a factor of 10 -> .9%. I'm not sure what this means, but there it is.

I also have a couple of surge protectors that break the circuit in a few microseconds in an over voltage condition, which happens from time to time here.

10-29-2012, 04:39 AM
On the Red Spade site there were issues using the digital DCX with a tube preamp. That means I'll probably end up with the analog dbx 3 way.

10-30-2012, 02:10 AM
No doubt you know more about this than I do, just keep in mind that that that may be an isolated case.

Here's a link that shows where someone built a tube stage into the DCX 2496.

Behringer DCX 2496 tube output mod. (

JoeE SP9
11-01-2012, 04:04 PM
Over at ( there is a forum devoted to the various Behringers and other like devices. It's a good place to ask questions.

11-01-2012, 04:34 PM
I still haven't decided on a 3 way active yet. The Ashly is a popular choice but they dropped the 3 way XR-2001 and only sell the XR-1001. The dbx 234 doesn't get much love but has decent specs and is less expensive. Then there's the well received Rane AC23 by the pro crowd which is close to $500. The basic Marchand 3 way is over a grand and the Bryston costs thousands. There's still the debate over which sounds best analog or digital.

11-19-2012, 11:34 AM
The way I have the CX2310 configured is low outputs to my plate amps and then splitting high output with Y cables to one amp for the mids and to another amp for the tweeters.

Can I use the high output on the Behringer for my tweeters and the low output for my mids? I would then connect the 2nd output from the preamp directly to the plate amps and use their built in crossover. What do you think?

12-03-2012, 04:27 AM
Not much traffic here these days but I've been able to answer my own question. I tried a more expensive Behringer 3 way which unfortunately imparted it's own sonic signature so I ended up sending it back to PE.

I reconfigured the CX2310 by changing it's frequency switch on the rear to x10 and connecting the high output to the tweeter amp and it's low output to the midrange amp. I directed the second preamp output straight to the Yung plate amps using their built in X overs to control the bass woofers. I can not tell you how nice the sound is with this arrangement. The $85 CX2310 is totally invisible and the 3 way open baffles sound far better than I thought possible.

I now see why the bottom feeder CX2310 seems to get all the praise.

Those who are unfamiliar with electronic crossovers should know they are placed between the preamp and the power amp. Changing the X over before the signal is amplified makes a world of difference. I won't go into the many advantages here as they are spelled out all over the net.

The downside of electronic/active crossovers are the vast amount of cabling required and buying new XLR to RCA cables. The high quality XLR's to RCA cables from Monoprice cost about the same as XLR adaptors.

With electronic crossovers I feel as though a new audio frontier has opened up for me.

JoeE SP9
12-04-2012, 05:47 PM
I agree with your assessment of the CX2310. It sounds way above it's cost. It's audibly better than it's more expensive siblings. I use mine with the switch set at x1.