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10-05-2012, 04:46 AM
For years I have been looking for a Dave Clark Five CD that sounds good......any suggestions ???

10-06-2012, 03:40 PM
Kinda depends what you think sounds good, and whether you want mono or stereo.

I have a couple vinyl rips of Best of The Dave Clark Five, one the 12-song European EMI and the other the 14-song UK Starline. They are both around 1970 vintage, and both Stereo, and both sound pretty good, though both a bit different too. It's a pretty strong collection.

As you probably know, Dave Clark has never been much interested in the stereo masters since he didn't approve their release, so he keeps holding out for more money since he owns the music. I think time has kind of passed him by, and don't know how much interest there is anymore, or what the deal is now, but there was a early 90s multi-CD collection called The History of the Dave Clark Five that is long OOP and getting high bucks now. There is also another single-CD hits collection released a few years ago when he was inducted into the RRHoF. Both of those are mono and pretty loud, but sound OK from what I've heard, but I don't own either (they do seem to be from the same digital masters based on a quick look at one of the songs from each). Most of their best stuff is early 60s recordings, and while they could sound great, they don't really. But they do sound fine, and the music is a blast.

I know at one point Steve Hoffman reported that DCC was trying to make a deal with Dave to release an audiophile CD, but he wanted way too much money. Steve does say that there are true stereo masters for a lot of the songs, and that they sound really good. The 1970 LP that I mention above may be remixed, not sure, but it's probably the best I've heard in stereo. The rip wasn't done on a real high end system, but is still very good. The 16-44.1 version of "Catch Us If You Can" is up in flac at my song of the day page, but the rip is also available in 24-96 (not my rip). PM me if you want more info on the LP rips.