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08-16-2012, 07:25 AM
After 2010's über happy, jangly Serotonin, the last thing you'd expect to see on the cover of a Mystery Jets album is an out line of Texas. Yes, the band did record this album in Austin, TX. While there is just a hint of twang under the sheen of reverb, its no Eric Burdon turn (turn, turn) of direction. There's still a smear of early '80s Euro-pop but the change of venue has added a more organic flavor to the proceedings. Don't worry, its not a Guster album, its still a very British accented album, lyrically and musically - some Strawbs here and there, late '70s Kinks, and even though they put their quirkiness aside for most of the album, they manage to channel 10cc for a couple of mid-album romps. The song Greatest Hits is a very clever break-up song about dividing the music collection, repleat with classic album reference roll call. The Hale Bop sounds like it could've been ripped from 10cc's Bloody Tourists album. Nice to see a young band realize that making music can be fun, even when you're stretching out.