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07-28-2012, 03:55 AM
Expecting this movie to tie up loose ends - it doesn't. Once again, great action sequences and cinematography and a minimum of CGI (though some is still present of course). And once again the mood runs from grim to dire. This time Nolan's desire for supersized scope is overreaching. An inordinate amount of time goes into a tangent that zaps the movie of its momentum two hours in, not to mention a rather laborious scene involving a football game - it just wasn't necessary. I'm trying not to spoil the movie for anyone, but there's no good reason this movie is so long, given that the extra time taken seems to belabor the points, rather than advancing the action.

Maybe Bane's back story was the only one that was big enough for a final chapter, but even his character is stretched out of proportion, with his Humungus appearance being given a Sebastian Cabbot voice. And there's too much irony in the notion that a secret society (which abhores wealth), hell bent on reversing the fortunes of the world's wealthy, has seemingly unlimited resources.

Three hours should be plenty of time to wrap up a trilogy but for a final chapter, it didn't play like one.

08-02-2012, 07:24 AM
Knucklehead saw it last night but I didn't go. I'll see it on the big screen eventually. I'll make sure I take "No Doze" for the slow parts. At least ole fishface... er I mean Ms. Gulehkhal (sp) isn't there to blow my mind.


08-07-2012, 03:48 PM
I wasn't at all pleased with Ann (Jane) Hathaway as Catwoman going in, but she doesn't do a bad job, actually. Her eyes are huge like a cat and I liked the way she's never really in a costume, per se'.

I don't mean to sound too harsh, it was a great popcorn movie. I appreciate Nolan's gritty, non-goth Batman and like I stated before, the action sequences look like actual stunts and not CGI and the acting is top-notch, though some of the new toys look a tad too, I dunno, Schumacherish. I just wished Nolan didn't want to put Batman up on a cross. I'm surprised they didn't put out any WWBD (what would Batman do?) braclets for a publicity stunt.