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07-03-2012, 07:34 AM
I've noticed that Amazon has been doing some odd marketing tactics the past week or so... they keep putting up really good albums - mp3's but still - for free or very cheap. My guess is that they're trying to get people to do frequent checks to the mp3 store looking for the deals and then buy other stuff too. Anyways, if you see one of these deals, post the link here...they've each only been up for less-than-a-day and then gone.
So far I d/l'ed:
CSNY - Deju Vu remastered
David Bowie's 40th Ann. Ziggy remaster , both free two days ago.
Ryan Adams - Live After Deaf, 150 some live acoustic songs from tours over the last couple years - whole shebang was $8.99 yesterday for a few hours.

Mr MidFi
07-05-2012, 05:27 AM
I think you're right... they want to find ways to bring people to their mp3 outlet instead of the same ol' iTunes store. I took advantage of a $5 promotion they were having not long ago and got some fairly decent albums by the Decemberists, War On Drugs, Bombay Bicycle Club, the Givers, the Naked & Famous and more.

This sounds like an even better deal. Their promotional strategy might just be working on me.