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07-01-2012, 07:16 PM
I was enjoying my day off by taking a long walk with my dog. Came home and fed him and made an omlette, toast and coffee. Shared some of my omlette with Corky and then listened to music for a few hours. After some relaxation it was time for a trip to the grocery. Wine, dog treats and food were needed. What a nice day.

All of a sudden my phone rang around 5:00 PM. My sister on the other end was advising me not to take my dog out for our routine walk. At her suggestion I turned on the news to watch the weather. Oh look, all hell is breaking loose. Corky and I went into his bedroom to watch as the storm approaches from the West. All of a sudden the wind is blowing leaves, shingles and limbs through the air. Lots of thunder, lightning and a heavy downpour of rain sent the young men moving out scurrying for protection.

All of a sudden this huge sound and power went out. My stereo made a sound that I hated to hear. I ran around and unplugged everything or turned off power switches on surge protectors. We sat there waiting for power to come back. We waited all night Friday, Saturday and while at work this Sunday was pleased when I called home at 5:00 PM and my answering machine answered and I knew I had power.

My work day today ended at 9:00 PM and since there was no AC my dog went to a home with air conditioning and a play date with 4 other dogs. I was anxious to pick him up and run home to plug in the stereo. Corky and I live a quiet life so he was very glad to see me and return home. I fixed his dinner and before he was finished I had the stereo plugged in and playing. The music sounded great and everything was operating as it should.

We were the lucky ones. Many trees were toppled and homes and cars damaged. A few stores were open but taking cash only. We had to drive to another city if we needed gas for our cars or generators. The elderly person in my care had a generator and I had to learn how to maintain it quickly. There is still much clean up needed and tomorrow I will try to find gas.

Tuesday is my next day off and back to the grocery store. This Sunday morning I had to take all my perishables and frozen items to the dumpsters. I love paying for things twice. So not only did I have to live without music and air conditioning I had to drink my Chardonnays at room temperature. Oh the inhumanity, oh the horrors. Hold me!

07-01-2012, 08:16 PM
Hey John, sorry to hear about your troubles and glad to hear that you're okay. I'm glad that you had the good sense to take Corky to an air conditioned home. I'm sure that many people wouldn't even think of that. I'm not sure how much you had to throw away in groceries, but if you have home insurance coverage, they may cover the cost. I know that our home insurance covers that sort of thing, but it's usually not worth making the claim because the deductible is more than the cost of replacing the groceries.

Sir Terrence the Terrible
07-02-2012, 12:39 PM
I am soooooo glad you are okay. A few friends of mine have had family members back there that have tlost their homes to this storm.