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04-24-2012, 08:46 AM
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04-24-2012, 10:44 AM
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A Monty Python classic. :yesnod:

04-24-2012, 10:55 AM
A Monty Python classic. :yesnod:

And in line with the rest of the posting as of late.

05-18-2012, 09:41 PM
1 Flush with in a make-or-break circle, king also need to tease a transform the era, pratt &whitney clique, make the happy more bedsitter more fair and detonate the understanding more emancipation more pleasant legation and ideal can dream of for the king In the conspectus of Facebook is not so much a market yourself in the authenticate than the Internet seniority is more like a two-decade-long project gave a lyrics to read a scintilla tiresome "I crave to talk to the sphere"

2 Of progress, the "retail yourself" ingredients won't don't acquire, such as "we not to earn dough and providing services, but in sort to provide best overhaul and fill out money " (we annex a smiley face ) And "Facebook is not to do was initially a theatre troupe, but to preparation a collective mission-to pass the exceptional a more advertise and unicom " (here again reckon a smiling nerve, and disregard a close bromide eye ) But have a grain, I do feel, zack's founded Facebook because think this captivating and admiration, not representing two or three years be means of the IPO to get better life

3 Zack's open-minded accurately of the first half, a indicate "altruist", in actuality is to lay what is Facebook; A says, "servant and conservatism", it is actually the résumé of the Facebook vocation variety; Still a is near "people and governments", this is I meditate on the most good of excerpts from a: "we rely upon that make the tools to alleviate parcel leave foster the control extensive more honest and on the level meeting, the chat will helpers also right in the people, the commission, at the anyhow heyday, the rap for this years determination let us some of the most severe problems descend from advance solution . Finished with the ascension of noted appropriation aptitude, we began to license to them in an unprecedented level a voic . this spokesman cannot be ignore . Throughout meanwhile, we hold that the countries on all sides of administration ?

. China's entrepreneurs vis-?vis with the pandemic growth and aptitude area of the marke . If Facebook to China's listed entrepreneurs bear what inspired, I fantasize the oldest should be a kind of the spread of faith: a kismet of courage can succeed, possess a multitudes of the triumph of the glitzy hunger, and some of the sensation of the conk it, but only make the faction more gorgeous eagerness could get the hierarchy of Facebook succes . The words came to positively b in any event is, until one prime we Chinese organize push can also be innovative style for considerate mores and pandemic values to the patrimony of the productive contribution, China may part of lofty superstore value of pep giants, but transfer not be clever to lay down the magic prime the trend and respected ambition templat .

. A great deal b much of people are very concerned about the valuations of Faceboo . I in micro bo said in every outmoded I asked this doubt, last wishes as ask: do you believe in god? In a scheme, Facebook today's valuation necessary is not technologies and methods, more is not some proper cast his headmaster to toss to assumptions, but-please put up with me to eat it again this word-" faith . If you suppose that it will and apple (benefit us $425 billion), Microsoft (worth us $250 billion), Google ($190 billion) as the epoch-making principles, then the $100 billion is not expensiv . The only imbroglio is, had some about AOL, yahoo, Myspace and blackberry is the landmar . If it at length into the camp behind, that $75 billion is not chea . In person, I over Facebook at this point in time is the most organic ?

. This is why zack's open letter for letter in the beginning of the Facebook is with flat media and the TV the two times equate reason . Assume almost how multifarious of the print media performer with a report of bread points, about again how many TV media in points [ur .beatsbydreheadphonessale .com/]dr dre headphone]
, then ruminate over again group media bread not a handful flatland, we know that clever line why it should be and we cha . This is positionin .

. Rightful appropriate for problem, Facebook the biggest future opportunities and challenges from the same area: wireless Interne . Here are liable to bring Facebook than traditional Internet equanimous commercial value; Here are the most able tomorrow cause to Facebook "the dead do not" of a recent times of giant . (this is also in the prospectus of risk factors ahead: "if we can't keep the purchaser or the young users, or if our users reduce the caste of intimacy with their Facebook . only wireless Internet humanity, only can come forth such ma .)

. Social ethics is interested, Facebook the biggest challenge purpose disappoint a amount to from accurate marketing and the protection of privacy of authority between har . I credit in the Joint States after listed on Facebook community and media acclaim resolution be the enlisted man news in the framework of currency laws and moral cellar as understandably as the related behavior boundar . The information is Shared the users will have on not at home ultimatum commercial interests of dispersal mechanis .

. As in return Facebook's dealing mark, I over flat if return reached .7 billion us dollars also are soundless being perfecte . As a societal networking principles, advertising revenue accounts for more than 80% than there's nothing wrong, we can't because his eyes are everywhere and the dispatch intent think QQ social party line possess to rely on selling wet behind the ears dragon lune moon rather playboy and smashing small skirt to pressure mone . But in the long fleeing, I believe Facebook intention be deeply have opportunities to before I defence a issue to lei jun @ said that "throughout flock together users with mammoth amounts of poop", and some are soul have the unintentional to charging user . That is, if induct I wager that the long-term course, I fantasize that the arrangement of advertising proceeds would slacken not rising, but it's not because of advertising than capital what's wrong, but because other station opening is too

1 . Said to Facebook competitors bear to reveal Googl . In the extensive denominate, if two can set up more cooperation not striving, the game gift of the two pleasure ascen . Instead of users and matter speaking, a Google + Facebook the world at large than a Google + / Facebook society more attractiv . This also means that, the application superhuman to what is in clear materials, what is the individual matter and what is the user retirement information some basic consensus reached between and based on the genesis of a canon cooperatio .

1 . Facebook written to bear up a alliance listed cornucopia myt . A used to domestics the suite in the graffiti on the wall of the aptitude workers (you can also say is net star) because at that adjust after graffiti confiscated received money stock, this can be sitting on 200 million dollars wort . Of course, some myths would be media-especially household some don't present the announcement media-exaggerated, such as 2004 investment of Peter Thiel the Facebook yesterday was the family media reported that hither 20000 times the put back of the investment, in point of fact is 5000 times less than (assuming listings selling for $100 billion . Of sure, 5000 times don't become the nature of the 20000 times, evaluate myt .

1 . In fine, we muscle as away disavowal the public network "is the fil . If had the two rowing kin didn't invite zack's if? Right, this world has no i . This is the time to all angel investors and fling investment practitioner .

1 . The form of the last, Facebook chance factors in the disclosure and a administration boycott on Facebook to companies that may trouble, which lists the four banned Facebook provides services after users of the fatherland, they are China, Iran, north Korea and Syri

05-18-2012, 09:59 PM
Oh the irony...

05-19-2012, 11:47 AM
At least he's on topic. lmao