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04-12-2012, 02:10 PM
Hi, I'm trying to get some opinions on a HT set up. I have a open room that is 32x 28 with 8' ceilings with 2 doorways. My budget is somewhat limited so I'm aware I will not get B&W sound at the pricepoint. I am looking at either the BIC Acoustech PL-76 HT setup with the PL-200 sub for $900 shipped or the Hsu research HT setup with the HB1-MK2 bookshelves and VTF-15H sub for $1500. I like the sensitivity of both brands and they both get good reviews. From what I understand Dr. Hsu actually worked on the Acoustechs. I know that the Hsu's are supposedly better speakers, but are they really worth the extra $600 compared to the BIC's. I would appeciate any comments, Thanks.

10-27-2018, 12:32 PM
My name is Randy. I have owned 3 velodyne subs, 3 Hsu subs, jvc, definitive technology, ...etc...I have also owned many different floor standing, book shelf and even some favorite from Bose were their 6.2 s. Anyway, from my personal experience I don't think it's worth the extra $600. Talking about the BIC line of speakers, there is a gentleman that I read about named Ed Frias with EFE Enterprises that you should look up. Several people raved about his custom crossover upgrade the he does to the BIC DV 62 for that is said to make these speakers go from amazing to absolutely incredible. I have always heard that the best system has the front 3 speakers to be identical not just tonaly balanced. These speakers are very inexpensive and Ed's customization of the crossover is also very inexpensive. Might be worth a little investigating. My current system consists of: Yamaha RX-V 1 (older but I love it. Lost a channel on one but I had purchased 2 more from Craigslist so I still have a back up. Awesome power for any speaker). Monitor Audio Silver lcr center, Monitor Audio bronze bx6 for left and right (I have 2 extra of these because I got them so cheap from a friend) No rears right now because my room doesn't lend itself to them but my favorite surrounds ever were the Mirage Omni Sats. My sub is kind of a funny story. I had 2 HSU subs, both with blown BASH amps. I also had a Def Tech Pro sub 800 that was just too small to produce any substantial bass for my big open high ceiling room. But the amp on the Pro sub 800 puts out 300 watts so I disassembled and cut up the 800s box and customized a panel with the amp and volume control and installed it on my old HSU vtf 2 mk 2. It sounds so good that my wife even commented by asking " why does the system sound so much better?! ". Anyway, I'm sure you're bored and thinking I'm a little wacky by now but I love this stuff although I can't afford a lot of today's new stuff. That's why I love the old school stuff. If anybody wants to communicate for some odd reason my email is

10-27-2018, 12:36 PM
one more thing..Spend another $300.00 on another PL 200. Both subs in front or one front and one in the back is awesome!!!
Please let me know how everything comes out for you.