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03-27-2012, 06:46 AM
Hi everyone. I didn't know if this was the best section of the forums to write this one, but the others seems less related. Here it goes...

I recently purchased the Sonos system. It is a fantastic set up, I should of got this months ago. It was so easy to install, and music anywhere I want in my house, set up as many play lists, have access to over 13,000 radio channels from all over the world and access to millions of songs from other music services.

I found this a good step forward in discovering new music.

Wolfgang's Vault has access to many albums spanning several genres. So it was a good place to start.

Since the one thing that I do know is I know what kinds of music that I like, I found another service called : Rdo. Which basically stores other people's playlists. You will eventually find someone who has similar tastes as yourself and discover new artists music that you may enjoy.

It is now easier that you can do it all at home, as opposed decades ago where it was more commonplace to listen to new CDs in the shops.

Don't forget the iTunes store, it makes more sense to purchase individual songs for $1 US, if you only like 1 song from a whole album. Many people have to buy the entire CD to get that song.
It's good to have that option on iTunes. Plus similarly to many music shop websites, you can use iTunes to play samples of songs.

Have you ever heard an old song from the radio, that you purchased on CD years ago that was gathering dust ? Gave you inspiration to get that CD out and listen to it again ? Or watch a tv commercial/ad and/or movie, and hear that song from that dust gathering CD of yours ? Made you go tear that house apart looking for that CD ?

Strange how the brain works in such a way that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Make no mistake, having a fastastic hifi combination, you can really bring the best out of the music that you hear, and with the right system pick up the extra notes, and instruments that you would not be able to hear on another system.

From a personal perspective, the more music you find, enjoy and add to your collection, the more new music you want to find.

There seriously is no need to wait for the next best top-40 track that everyone likes, you may find that next song that you simply feel that you got to get at all costs, so catchy, or takes your breathe away, that may be out there somewhere for years, waiting for you to find it.

I am sure there are 100's of other artists that you haven't even heard of that you will end up liking if you did hear their music.

Go out there ladies and gents, go find the treasure.