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04-16-2004, 07:54 PM
Hi. I want to upgrade my speakers (and eventually all my other components..) and I'm considering these 2 (yeah I know, they are very different) models. I'm looking on the used market and I want a killer deal for around $1500 to $2000 US used (erm, around $4000 to $6000 at retail price I guess). I want a full range speaker that can offer detailed highs, liquid mids and abysmal bass. That can be enjoyed at low levels but also at high (ground shaking?) levels. I know that at this price range I cant find a perfect speaker but I want to do a major step up from my Polk RTA11TL speakers (around $1000 early 90s). I listen to all sort of music (from Bach to Metal) and might consider to build a home theater from there...later.

I will power them accordingly (200w-300w) after having choosen my main speakers. And should move to a bigger place in the next years so these things are of less importance for now.

I would like advises from peoples who have heard these two speakers, and what pros and cons you have noticed between these two. If you want to suggest me another model that you think is even better (for the same budget) fell free to do so.

Thanx for all inputs.

note: I have already read all the reviews about these 2 models on audioreview.com and have a lot of infos on the NHT 3.3, but I dont have as much infos on the Mirage M1Si and no idea if there is one that is really better than the other...