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12-15-2011, 09:00 AM
My Yamaha Receiver only has one HDMI out, I would like to add a splitter so that I can send one HDMI out to tv and one out to projector. My quesiton is will this kill the audio return from my Panasonic tv. I found a cheap splitter on Amazon for $6.79, so it's not a big loss if I buy it, but if it's not going to work then that is 7 bucks saved.

After posting this I thought, I could probably just split the hdmi coming out of the BR player, When you use a splitter do both out ports work at the same time, because I would still need both to work, one for picture signal to projector and one with sound to the Yamaha.

Thanks, jjp

12-16-2011, 07:03 AM
Why is auto return a big deal? I have auto return with my new Panasonic plasma but it only means that my TV remote will turn off my Marantz receiver but it won't turn it on. In my case the Marantz SR6006 that I recently purchased won't handshake properly unless it's the last in the chain to be switched on. HDMI is not glitch free and Monoprice is your best bet for good inexpensive splitters. You can read reviews there to see if others comment on auto return/splitter function.

For internet connection I ran one cat5 cable from my router to a $10 cat5 splitter box behind my TV and short cat5 cables to the TV, AVR and BRP. My relative is in the HT business and this is the way pro installers do it.