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View Full Version : what do you think of running 2 brutus brz1700.1 on 2 kicker 15" solo baric L7 D2

12-01-2011, 09:22 AM
So this is wat I'm doing, I already bought 1 kicker SL15 D2 sub which ill run at 1 ohm parallel powered buy 1 brutus brz1700.1 amp.

I want to get the 1 sub up and running before adding the other because I am going to have to upgrade my alternator and get a yellowtop.

I figured ill run each sub off its own independant amp and figured 1700 watts @1 ohm losing 33% makes that 1139 watts rms and the subs handle 1000 rms a piece. That's perfect so I won't have to push my amp hard.

I'll be wiring this up wih high quality 0 awg copper and high quality copper rca wires.

What do you bassfreaks think?

Thanks in advance. I want to buy 2 of these amps like right now, I'm tempted but waiting for responses.

12-02-2011, 08:48 AM
Solo baric kickers are awesome subwoofers. They can handle tons of power, sound very tight and clean even in ported boxes, and go very deep. I would certainly invest in a capacitor, if not two, depending whether or not you add another sub, because the higher amp alternator and optima battery alone may not be able to accomodate such a demanding load. I don't have experience with brutus amps, but if they're able to deliver a clean, stable current with little distortion, you should be able to hit SPL's in the upper 130's with just one sub, a good tune, and a large 1 cubic foot+ vented box, and the aforementioned items in a small to moderately sized car.

01-28-2012, 09:38 PM
Hello Everyonei

I've been reading this board for many many months but this is my first post.

This board has been a wealth of knowledge but I was wondering about some other sites you use you use for this type of stuff.

Please let me know other sites/forums you use

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