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11-24-2011, 07:33 AM
Looks like Pioneer's money is being put to good use....wish there was a place around here to take a listen.

RMAF 2011 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest Show Coverage By Scott Faller (http://www.enjoythemusic.com/rmaf_2011/faller/)


Well, TAD showed up with tons of…TAD gear, imagine that. All kidding aside, the folks from TAD have done a fine job engineering not only great sounding speakers but electronics to mate to it. As you can imagine with all Pioneer the money behind them, they have R&D resources that most others can't come close to matching …and the sound proves it. This was a fine sounding room if you are a solid state lover.

This next guy... John Hillig of Musical Concepts and Musical Design, is about 10 minutes drive from me. I have talked to him via email before about modding my Rote ampl, but have never been to his place. He does all his work from his home in the basement where he has his shop. I guess Peabody and I am going to have to get to know the guy so we can get over and listen to some of his audio. We both did hear the Chameleon amp before, but it was briefly at one of the local dealers here in St. Louis.

http://www.enjoythemusic.com/rmaf_2011/faller/mc1.jpgMusical Concepts and Musical Design
I've known John Hillig for a number of years now and have become quite familiar with the sound of his gear. Musical Concepts was awarded the Al Steiffel Memorial Room this year and deservedly so. John makes some gear sounding gear. He paired with ParanaFidelity speakers to showcase his wares. Speaking of wares, all you TUBE LOVERS PAY ATTENTION.



John makes a tubed preamp called the Chameleon that lets you switch driver boards so you can experience the sound of eight distinct tubes (and counting). That's right, you can swap a 12AX7 for a 12BH7 for a 6SN7 for a 6922 for a... and the list goes on and on. No more do you have to sell you preamp to get a different sound. Just give John a call and order a new board for about $150 bucks. How awesome is that?! Besides his preamp, Musical Design makes some fine sounding amplification and also offers modification services. Such a deal.