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Finch Platte
11-10-2011, 03:26 PM
Well, seeings how this is working out so well, here's another for you all to try. Skindive reminds me a little of Garbage, altho not so noisy and a little harder rock, if that makes sense. A few of the orchestrated songs could be taken off this release, imho, to make a nice little EP.

Ooga booga! (

Following the well-known tradition of the Irish rock music scene, Skindive appeared in the end of the '90s bringing out new ways of mixing rock with electronic sounds. The bands' creations flow in between melodic and harsh atmospheres, giving away ravishing sounds featuring incisive effects.

Irish man Gerry Owens founded Dublin's Skindive after several experiences on the music field that began when he was still a youngster. The band was then first filled in by bassist Alan Lee and drummer Ger Farrel, before the addition of U.S. natural vocalist Danielle, that fulfilled the crews' specific need for a female voice. Skindive then started running the Dublin club scene for more than a year, before deciding to go to the U.S., trying to get a record deal.

Los Angeles and New York were the chosen locations for the bands' performances, where the Dublin team got enthusiastic receptions. Shortly afterward, Chris Blackwell of Palm Records, that had prior access to some of their demos, was more than convinced to sign them on.

Skindive's debut album was released on February 2001. Skindive relayed on the production of Owens, the bands mentor, but also of Alan Branch and Adrian Sherwood, that previously worked with Nine Inch Nails and Sinead O'Connor.