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04-15-2004, 11:07 AM
Of course, you are probably already polarized as to whether or not you even care about FFF (or John Ondrasik), since his song 'Superman (its not easy)' went round the world a few times a couple of years ago. It was one of those great sentimental songs that got way over played, and well...what made me consider buying this new one, <i>The Battle For Everything</i>? Maybe it was because I was in a pensitive, thoughful, reflective moment. Or it could be that it was only $8.99? Wow, imagine that, buying a CD that I might not otherwise consider just because the price was low enough...hhmmm...(note to record execs---"you're all greedy bastards").

Actually, this is a pretty good album. Diverse enough musically to keep up a good pace throughout an entire CD is no mean feat these days. Ondrasik can be sentimental without being maudlin. He can be sweet without being overly sappy. He can really play the piano ala Billy Joel. He can pick a guitar like James Taylor. What he's not is ironic or clever ala Ben Folds or emotionaly effecting like Jeff Tweedy or wistfully evocative like Springsteen. Ondrasik's songs are very personal, but their relevance doesn't transcend the CD player (think Al Stewart). Its good stuff, but I don't know how long an album like this holds up without a power ballad like the afore mentioned 'Superman'. He needs to branch out into more of a story teller type song writer and 'paint' landscapes, and not just self portraits. It would be great in the carousel player along side artists like Billy Joel or Chris Gaines (yeah I know) or any of the afore mentioned artists. I wouldn't mind hearing his stuff on adult contemporary instead of the handful of Sting songs and teeny bopper crap that American Idol is foisting upon us. Hey, if you're in a contemplative mood, get this album if its still on sale. Otherwise, catch what you can on the radio.