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Roger Red Hat
10-27-2011, 09:27 AM
Hey guys! just been browsing a putting a few of my opinions into threads to get my 5 up!

but here i am! currently have a the EV 112p which i think are simply stunning speakers, but as im a MASSIVE drum and bass head, its only really logical that i go for some bass bins to match

now my first choice is the 118p the subs to match, how ever i was just wondering if anyone has any first hand experiences of these? what there type of kick is like, and there low down performance any clipping or cutting out?

this isnt for a professional setup, but just my hosue (yeah i know speakers built for 300 people and im using it for just 1, but thats how much i love my audio)

im not after superclub monster bass, but enough that you can seriouslly feel, do these speakers produce that sort of 'umph' and just how good are they in general?

i have read some reviews and they all rave about them (ignore the pun) but i still think first hand consumer experiance to be the best advice.

Thanks =)