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04-14-2004, 09:30 PM
now that ive practically fried my pos sony receiver(the protect light came on)
,any suggestions on a solid 5.1 model under $500,,,,,, i need good clean power as i listen at pretty high volumes thanks.....

04-15-2004, 05:00 AM
May be able to get the Yamaha RX-V650 or HTR-5760, Denon AVR-1804, Harmon Kardon AVR-230, Onkyo TX-SR601, or Marantz SR-5400. Whatever you do get, buy a SPL meter and calibration dvd as you do not want to fry another one.

04-15-2004, 05:48 AM
Ah, man...Bryan you beat me to it.

Each of Brian's recommended receivers has it's advantages. I personally like the Yamahas with the YPAO calibration tool. That feature can make a significant improvement in sound quality by itself. Probably the best DSP's of the bunch if you care about them. Probably a couple of the worst DSP's at the same time, too. Yamaha's also have that tremendous quality track record (not that any of these receivers have issues), which might be some reassurance to you if you drive this thing a little on the hard side. The HTR-5760 or RX-V650 models (basically identical) can be had at J& for $399 if you phone them (I price checked a few weeks back). Includes manufacturers warranty because they're an authorized dealer.

With Harman Kardon you know you've got plenty reserve power (not that any of Brian's suggestions are lacking). Built in sound level calibration tool, and very unique styling.
Denons have a very nice combo of features, inputs, power and sound quality. Easy to understand their popularity.
Marantz and Onkyo are easily up there too. If I'm not mistaken, all of these receivers are either 6.1 or 7.1.

I'm pretty confident that you can get a receiver for $400-$500 that will do more than what you want and probably do it better than your Sony (which model was it?).
Depending on your speakers, the tonal characteristics of each receiver may arguably produce different results. Your best bet is to get out and test some of these.
They've all got sweet sound and plenty of power, you should start looking at specific features you need and want to help you decide better.
Good luck!

04-15-2004, 08:33 AM
thanx for the info guys,those were some of the models i was looking old one was due for an upgrade any way (sony str de335) ihave had it for a few years but all my speakers are pretty new so thats where i ran into a problem,previously i was running small infinity models all im running cv ls12 front,ls5c center,cv ls5 rears,dcm sw1 sub.....the new configuration runs fine for ht,but 2 channel music the sony struggles trying to drive the large cvs.....just looking for something that can keep up,,,,,,again thanks

04-15-2004, 08:57 AM
now that ive practically fried my pos sony receiver(the protect light came on)
,any suggestions on a solid 5.1 model under $500,,,,,, i need good clean power as i listen at pretty high volumes thanks.....

Greetigns Vega;

I recently got the Onkyo TX-SR601and I absolutely love it. There is a really good review on it at audioholics at

The Onkyo is rated at 85wpc and it can easily get louder, without distortion, than I can stand. It is 6.1, although I am running it without the rear center channel for the moment until I get another rear surround. It's only drawback that I have noticed is that there are not that many DSP's which may or may not be an issue for you. I typically do not like DSP sound fields in movies, prefering the straight DD/DTS soundtracks, and I generally cannot stand DSP's at all for music prefering 2 channel stereo.

The intellivolume feature allows you to equalize the volume of all devices, a handy feature because my sattelite box input is easily 4db lower than the CD/DVD or vcr. It also allows a second zone (that i have set up in my office) and so my wife can listen to a cd in the family room where the receiver is and I can listen to the radio in the office at the same time. Overall I really like the sound, which is warm, and seems to compliment my polk speakers well, at least to me :)

I got it at CC for $449 on sale, but it can be gotten on line for less, and even less for a refurb.

Hope that helps, and take a look at that review for more detailed info.

04-15-2004, 07:01 PM
seems like an excellent choice,,,im leaning towards it,,,,thanks for the link it explained alot that i had questions last inquiry should i even consider jvc (specifically model rx 8030vbk) i really love thier tvs and dvd players, i have no expierience with their recievers though,,,,thanks again everyone youve been really helpfull