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04-14-2004, 07:40 PM
I am going to get either 3 pairs of KLH 911B or 3 pairs of KLH L652B for my home theatre. (I am a poor student, so I can only afford cheap solutions).
The 911B has received many positive reviews from this site and some other websites. But I could not find any review about the L652B.
I know nothing about audio technology. The differences I could tell from the two is L652B has a bigger woofer 6-1/2'' but a smaller tweeter 5/8'' (911B has 5-1/2'' woofer and 7/8'' tweeter.). Also the 911B is in a sealed cabinet, while the L652B has a hole in the back. ( I think It is called "port"? Correct me if I am wrong).

So can anyone tells me which of these two is better? Thanks a lot.