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Finch Platte
07-20-2011, 10:53 AM
It's actually pretty solid. Thought you might enjoy it if you haven't already seen it. I bought mine used, and a couple of the songs near the end skip, but, oh well. :19: The picture is not all that great, but the sound is passable.


From Amazon:
The Tokyo Tapes brings you a unique collection of songs from Genesis, King Crimson, John Wetton and even an acoustic version of the Asia-blockbuster Heat of the Moment. Firth of Fifth is present with a flute-solo The middle of this song is replaced by a psychedelic jam, which ends in the familiar and still brilliant guitar-solo. It's followed by Battlelines, which is not one of Wetton's best solo-efforts. Camino Royale is nevertheless beautiful and more powerful than the studio version on Highly Strung. Heavy guitars, saxophone, beating drums, just nine minutes of great rock! Special attention must be paid to The Court of the Crimson King and I Talk to the Wind. It's mellotron all over the place and it's lovely to hear a real flute again. An acoustic mini-set consists of the aforementioned Heat of the Moment, Horizons, and the melancholic Walk away with Rainbows, a result of the co-operation between Hackett and Colbeck. The second CD starts with another Genesis song, In that Quiet Earth, which is, in this version, pure and fast jazz-rock. Thompson and Wetton are a hell of rhythm-section here. As with any jazz-song all members get the chance to improvise. Next is Vampire with an Appetite of Hackett's Guitar Noir-album. Starting with a Brian May-like guitar-sound this song is a very dark piece where Steve, singing through a kind of vocoder, takes us to the dark streets of London. Another of those dark songs is Shadow of the Hierophant. This song, taken from Hackett's first solo-album, was written by Hackett and Rutherford. The drumsolo that follows developes nicely into .... Los Endos ! This is really the most powerful highlight of the second CD. The 'like father, like son'-melody is played by Ian McDonald on flute. Another beautiful acoustic piece follows. Black Night is a again one of those fragile songs, that Hackett has made through the years. After the silence, another slow, but bombastic piece is there. The Steppes, from Spectral Mornings is right on the spot here. It's Genesis again for the finale: I Know What I Like. And indeed, this is what I like. The funky intro of this song is really misleading, but as soon as the lawnmower starts .... it's fun time. At the time of this concert I was actually in Tokio myself, not aware of this concert and now regretting it that I haven't seen it myself. Boy, would I loved to have seen this one!! As an encore two new studio tracks are featured on the second CD. Both Firewall and The Dealer are real bluesy rock songs. The only regrettable thing about this DVD is the fact that the sound is stereo and not in dolby 5.1 or DTS. Couldn't they upgrade it one way or another??

Lemme know if you want to borrow it. :cornut:

07-20-2011, 11:32 AM
Mellotron all over the place, huh? I like that quote. It sounds like carnage. I picture a Gary Larson cartoon with mellotron pieces strewn around a living room and some sort of musical instrument police crew. :D

Sounds interesting. I didn't know about this one but it wouldn't surprise me if BarryL has it. Thanks for letting me know about it. :thumbsup: