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07-15-2011, 11:16 AM
Over the last few months, i've searched the local CL looking for large full range speakers for our living room. It's a large room and i like large speakers.

After a no-go on a pair of Mirage M5s a few hours away and a PSB Stratus Silver deal that never materialized, i found something interesting.

A local ad caught my eye. The speakers are NHT VT-2 in piano black with a matching center. I called the guy and he purchased them from an estate sale over a year ago and just acquired some Klipsch Reference big boys and these need to move.

They are BIG...close to 50" high and 18" deep. Me and the wife are driving there tonight to listen to them. I have a wagon so if they sound nice then they are coming home.

They are 4-6 ohm and semi-tough to drive so i must figure something out there, but i can manage for now.

I'll re-post about my trip and thoughts...maybe some pics if they work out.