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Finch Platte
07-05-2011, 08:53 AM
...Rasputin's has a policy, buy 3 $1.95 or $2.95 CDs, get the 4th free. Combing the bins yesterday, I found three discs I wanted- one being this bizzarro Split Enz disc called Mental Notes (, from wayyy back in 1975 that's almost prog :yikes:, a Chris Spedding CD, Cafe Days ( that is a good-sounding disc (Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab is the label), and one other disc I can't remember at the moment. So I was ready to leave, but I had to find my fourth & free disc. In desperation, I began to look through the compilation discs, and almost right off the bat, this one caught my eye, and I snagged it. Jackpot! :9:

It's a tribute to John McLaughlin, called Visions Of An Inner Mounting Apocalypse. Love the title. :p

Linkypoo. (

Guitarist Jeff Richman conceived of, produced, and arranged for this project. A tribute to the Mahavishnu Orchestra, it utilizes the same instrumentation, with Mahavishnu alumnus Jerry Goodman being a welcome addition on violin. Each song features a different guitarist and there is plenty of heat displayed by the individual but complementary players (practically every top fusion guitarist other than Al DiMeola), all of whom are rockish and passionate. One almost doesn't miss John McLaughlin, since the band is playing his songs and the guitarists are mostly influenced by him. The only change of pace from the intensity is the closer, a version of the relatively mellow "Follow Your Heart" (which predated the Mahavishnu Orchestra) featuring John Abercrombie. This project is well conceived, and one would imagine that John McLaughlin would appreciate the colorful tribute. ~ Scott Yanow

Lookit the players on this sumb!tch!

The band: Vinnie Colaiuta, drums; Kai Eckhardt, bass; Mitchel Forman, keyboards; Jeff Richman, guitars, with Jerry Goodman, violin

1) Birds Of Fire, feat. Steve Lukather, guitar solo, VC drum solo, MF keyboard solo
2) Can't Stand Your Funk, feat. Mile Stern, guitar solo & Jerry Goodman, violin solo
3) Celestial Terrestrial Commuters, feat. Steve Morse, guitar solo
4) Meeting Of The Spirits, feat. Jimmy Herring, guitar solo, MF synth solo
5) Jazz, feat. JR, guitar solo
6) Dawn, feat. Frank Gambale, guitar solo, JG, violin solo
7) Lila's Dance, feat. Warren Haynes, guitar solo and JG, violin solo
8) Faith, feat. David Fiuczynski, guitar solo
9) Dance Of Maya, feat. Greg Howe, guitar solo, JG violin solo, VC drum solo
10) Follow Your Heart, feat. John Abercrombie, guitar solo, KE bass solo and VC drum solo

2005 Tone Center, produced & arranged by Jeff Richman .

All songs written by John McLaughlin.

07-07-2011, 04:16 AM
WOW, what a line-up!

and Warren Haynes, huh? now that's interesting