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Sir Terrence the Terrible
06-28-2011, 01:26 PM
I have been looking for a way to shoehorn a 7.1 system into a 12x15x10ft room. Not an easy task I am finding out, but my friend who designs and manufacturers speakers for studios came up with two mini monitor speakers systems that makes this quite possible.

The first speaker is his custom designed mini- monitor speaker system, and the second is the Sunfire CRM-2. Specification wise, both speakers are pretty close. Both handle up to 400 watts of power, the Sunfire's frequency response is listed as 115hz to 40khz, and the Custom speaker is 80-40khz. They both are 10" tall, but the custom model is much deeper than the Sunfire CRM-2 at 10" deep. The Sunfire features a 5' folded ribbon mid/tweeter with two 4.5" woofers. The custom speakers(tenatively called the AD-1) features a 1" beryllium tweeter, and a 6" carbon fiber/Kevlar woofer.

By the time I get to my Oakland home tonight, everything should be set up and ready to go. My friend says he will install each system in identical sized room in the house, and each room will be acoustically treated, and the systems tweaked to their fullest potential.

This ought to be an interesting listen, and I will report what I heard on tomorrow or Thursday.

06-30-2011, 01:10 PM
sounds like a great excuse to watch 15 hours of the new LOTR blu ray release set. I hear they are fantastic!