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06-19-2011, 06:22 PM
Spent a lovely Saturday wandering through a flea market and picking up some vinyl along the way...lots of good stuff...

LPs - all in really good shape:

Diana Ross & the Supremes: Reflections
Sly & the Family Stone: Dance to the Music
The Four Seasons: Working My Way Back to You Babe & Gold Vault of Hits
Curits Mayfield: Superfly
The Ink Spots: Self-Titled on red vinyl
a lovely 6 disc box set called The King: Johnny Cash / The Queen: Tammy Wynette
and, my personal favorite of the day, an original mono absolutely mint copy of The Impressions: Keep on Pushing

I think the most I paid for any of 'em was handing over a $5 for the Mayfield and Impressions albums together.

Still, the most fun I have been having with my finds would be thanks to grabbing a random selection of oldies on 45, all for 50 cents each. Here's the list I ended up with:

The Royaltones: Poor Boy/Wail!
Little Richard: Long Tall Salley/Slippin' and Slidin'
Bill Doggett: Honkey Tonk (Part 1)/Honkey Tonk (Part 2) & Ram-Bunk-Shush/Blue Largo
The Coasters: Searchin'/Yong Blood
Johnny Ace: Pledging My Love/No Money & How Can You Be So Mean/Anymore
The Fiestas: So Fine/Last Night I Dreamed
Joe Turner: Corrine Corrina/Boogie Woogie Country Girl
Earnie Freeman: Walking the Beat/Spring Fever
Freddie Bell & the Bellboys: Ding Dong/I Said it and I'm Glad
Elvis Presley: Money Honey/One Sided Love Affair

They're not all in the greatest shape, hell one of 'em are in great shape. But it's just a good time hanging out and playing this stuff. Especially nice was after listening while barbequing for Father's Day and hearing how that was some good music playing, I could toss a 60 minute cassette I had filled pretty much exactly with all those to my dad for car listening. Working on getting them transferred digitally and will post soon-ish.

Jim Clark
06-20-2011, 08:21 AM
I have not gone vinyl scrounging for the longest time. Makes me sick to think of all the discs I've let go to the great unwashed masses around here. I'm jealous.