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05-01-2011, 07:34 PM
First post i've made on here but a regular reader, and a long time high quality sound fanatic.

My post relates to a new home sub i'm wanting to build to complete my home system.
Im looking to make a floor sub for my home stereo system, and am looking for some expert ideas, suggestions, tips and thoughts on what is best to achieve what im after.

I really dont have the much expert knowledge of speakers and there parameters, which driver to use in what scenario etc.. so im relying on you experts out there to be the brain helping me on this build.

I have a number of things which i am aiming for, and a few products i had in mind already, so dont be shy to give your thoughts on what may work better and what i should be looking for etc.

I've listed everything in point form so its clear what factors are involved here and easy to understand.
Also note i cant seem to post links to products etc because its my first post, so i will put as much info on them as i can, which you could also do a quick google to find the info if needed.

1: Existing Equipment
I have a small basic system with the following. This is set in an apartment lounge room situation.
- Harman Kardon HK3480 2ch reciever
- Harman Kardon DVD47
- Rega R3 floorstanding speakers
- Sony PS3
- Sony XBR 40LCD
- Tara Labs Cables/Interconnects etc throughout

2: What sound im aiming to achieve
- I find my current setup quiet good for the size of room that im in. I do use my system full time for tv, movies and music. However my main objective and interest in good audio is with music quality.
The Rega R3 have quiet a good mid & treble quality about them and with the HK amp they are getting a decent amount of power for there size.
- What i am looking for is some more filling of the bass and mid-bass to help the R3's in providing a complete and seamless soundscape for all levels of tones and notes.
- As my main interest is in music quality (not HT) im not looking for flat out loudness (SPL does not interest me), or super low bass that rattles my beer off the table. Im more wanting an integration with my current speakers to provide support on the lower spectrum.
So basically giving a broad range of lower musical notes without knowing there was a subwoofer there.
- As its going to be an apartment setup, id like the box footprint to be as small as possible. A small sealed enclosure is preferred. Smaller the better.
- Finishing of the sub i will be using real timber veneer to try and match to the existing rose cherry colour of my current floor standing speakers.

3: Types of music listened too
- Quiet a broad range of music. Ill listen to latest pop, electro right through to jazz, classical and acoustic live sets etc. Because of this broad range of music and search for a more musical quality to the speaker, im looking to get the best driver and setup i can afford.

4: Preferred setup
- Im hopefully looking at a single 8" or 10" driver in a sealed enclosure (front or floor firing as my Rega R3's have a front firing port allowing me to put them against a wall to save space etc). The smaller i can get the box the better, but i am also trying to achieve the best sound i can.
- Amplifier id prefer it to be a plate amp, which i will mount to the box. So making it a simple case of running an RCA from my receiver to the amp. Not really wanting to go down the road of making up amps etc

5: Budget
- I am looking at something pretty decent as i want the very best sound i can get, but also not going silly. I've budgeted for around $1000 for speaker and amp. And wood and extras on top of that.
- Box making i am pretty confident in as i've done this before and when i was young began work as a cabinetmaker so i have some knowledge there. But suggestions and help is always welcome of course.
- So im looking to get the very best equipment i can from this budget.

6: What ive looked at so far
- This is purely online and i've had no experience in listening to any of these products. It does make it hard to actually listen to these products (which of course is ideal) so i'm going to have to go on others impressions and thoughts on what they have experienced. This is something im just going to have to "wing it".

7: Drivers:
Ive initially thought a 10" would be perhaps the best compromise of good sound and power. Feel free to comment on your thoughts here on what im trying to achieve.
Ive mainly looked at online driver distributors like Madisound etc.. If there are other i should know about please let me know!!

- Morel UW1058 (probably top of my list at the moment)
- Morel UW958
- Scanspeak (23w or 26w)
- Seas (various)
- Hivi SP10
- Peerless XLS
- Focal 27V2 or 27KX
- Please recommend others!!

Im also aware, although i dont fully understand it.. that some of these drivers are not primarily suited to being a single driver in a small sealed box. eg: the Scanspeak 23w ive seen used with a passive radiator? Is this a suitable option for me? Im not very educated on this type of enclosure.

8: Amplifiers:
My knowledge goes as far to know that you need to try and provide a good match between amp and driver in regards to Ohm's and RMS etc. From there the technical info gets a bit overwhelming. But i'm willing to learn about what could be the best option here for my purpose.
Amps ive looked at so far:
- O Audio 300w & 500w
- Dayton (various)
- Hypex (various)

So these are a few ive read/found that look like they are decent quality without going into big $$ like some of the Redgum amps or something like that.

9: Initial scenario:
My first thoughts on what cold be a good setup..
- Morel UW1058 driver
- O Audio 500W amp

Reasons why i chose these:
Morel seem to be a high quality driver for the budget i have in mind. So hopefully be more "musical" than SPL etc. Works in a sealed box.
O Audio seems to have good features and adjustments to suit my setup, like being in an apartment. Has similar power to the above sub and seems it has decent sound quality and construction.

From what i've read the UW1058 still needs about 1.3cf in a sealed environment.
As my knowledge isn't the best on speaker properties, would it be still possible to make a smaller enclosure with the power from this amp.

This is where i need you experts to come out and recommend to me if this is a viable option or if id be better off looking at something different. So shoot away!!

Many thanks in advance, i hope to use this thread throughout the build process with pics, comments and finally a sounds test.


05-01-2011, 07:34 PM
To add to the above..
Regarding the sub out on the HK3480 receiver ive read that the "subwoofer crossover frequency of the HK3480 receiver goes from 20Hz-150Hz, and is not adjustable. If you have a subwoofer connected to the receiver, you will have a full range signal going to the speakers, while the subwoofer receives all signals below 150Hz."

Going on this i guess i could either run from the sub out, or filter from the speaker mains and filter the signal required through the sub amp? Is this correct? Suggestions on what would be best.


Mr Peabody
05-02-2011, 05:57 AM
Welcome to AR. Wouldn't the receiver allow you to set a crossover point for the mains when set to "small"?

I know you wanted to do this yourself but I have been very impressed at how my SVS sub integrates with my speakers and I've used Dynaudio and now Zu mains. Their standing cylinders take very little floor space and you could get the sub which is high quality for less than you could build one. Just something to consider. www,svsound.com It's just that my SVS performs just as you described what you want.

05-12-2011, 02:05 PM
IF you are going to have a "modest" system, then a HARMON receiver is the way to go.
A friend loaned me his during hard times, and it was great.
THEY measure the output of their amps conservatively, and the fake "surround" effect
even worked quite well. Biggest little secret in HI-FI, imho. :1:

05-12-2011, 04:05 PM
IF you are going to have a "modest" system, then a HARMON receiver is the way to go.
A friend loaned me his during hard times, and it was great.
THEY measure the output of their amps conservatively, and the fake "surround" effect
even worked quite well. Biggest little secret in HI-FI, imho. :1:

Logic 7 is my favorite mode out of all of the HK modes I have to choose. My AVR635 drives a pair of Dynaudio 42s reasonably.

05-13-2011, 12:23 PM
Logic 7 is my favorite mode out of all of the HK modes I have to choose. My AVR635 drives a pair of Dynaudio 42s reasonably.

Not bad.
HARMON stumbled a bit when they first started making gear in China, and along
with TOSHIBA and a few others was on my don't touch with a ten foot pole list,
but they have appeared to have found their way.:1: